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The most creative and productive app I have seen for fostering confidence, independence and a growth mindset! Wishing Pixies captures the magic and whimsy of childhood while providing interactive and customizable activities that not only focus on developing healthy habits, but also prioritizing practice with meditation and affirmations. Brilliant!! ~   Dr. Kelly Yanek, School Psychologist & Co-Founder of Wellness Outside The Box –  Therapy Redefined


Wishing Pixies is an innovative concept based in positive behavior reinforcement.  I believe the Pixie Doll and the app will be very motivating for younger children.  The app is easy to use for both children and adults.  This is a amazing way to reinforce your child for the good things that they do, while instilling in your child resilience and grit.  I would recommend this for any parent who wants to increase positive behaviors and thoughts in their child.    Shelly Lucas, Ed.S., BCBA


Wishing Pixies is a fun way to motivate kids.  It is easy to use and gives you reminders if you need to be the "Pixie"  in the app.  Getting my kids to sleep in their own bed was always a battle.  Not anymore using Wishing Pixies!  I really love this product!      Chelsea D.,  PA













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