Wishing Pixies

Adopt a Wishing Pixie for
a child you love

then download the app

Wishing Pixies is the creation of Doris Letts, a teacher and parent.

How does the Wishing Pixies Product work? Click and watch to learn more.


Doris is a teacher with over 24 years of experience in education.  Wishing Pixies is the only child management and educational behavioral app that is coupled with a physical doll (our Pixie Dolls)  to reinforce the concepts.  The program is designed to help parents raise calm, emotionally resilient and kindhearted children.

The interactive Wishing Pixies App is for children three-years-old and up. Families “adopt” a Pixie doll and the children take care of them, nurturing their magic. Our App is an educational family behavioral mobile game for iOS and Android designed to help parents create and reinforce positive and healthy behaviors for their children,

- Children "play with their Pixies on our Mobile App.  Parents log into our responsive website and interact with their children, acting as if they are the Pixie.   

- The Pixie is loved and nurtured when the child completes tasks inside and outside the app.  This is how the child will earn "pixie dust".

- When enough dust is collected, the child can spend the pixie dust to redeem a "wish" that has been pre-approved by the pixie/parent

-The Wishing Pixies App is specifically geared toward children ages 3-10 and is one of the best apps available for preschoolers.


How does it Work?  Learn Here!   






How can Wishing Pixies help you achieve child rearing goals?

assign chores in a fun way

teach emotional resilience

teach goal setting

encourage and uplift

guide attitude and behaviors

promote confidence

Let's Build a Magical Homeland Together

Fun things to do inside our app that are teachable moments.

Help Me Clean! Create a fun clean up session.

Ready to Garden? Help the pixies harvest their garden.

It's Meditation Time! Learn how to meditate and choose your thoughts.

Wishes Can Come True! Complete tasks and earn your wish.

Guide your child's emotional development and reinforce good behaviors.

Here are the simple steps

  1. buy a Pixie doll
  2. create an account on our website
  3. assign tasks as the Pixie
  4. download the mobile app so your child can enter into the Pixie's homeland
  5.  approve your child's wishes
  6. encourage your child to monitor the Pixie's happiness
  7. set goals to earn the wish
  8. reward your child as the Pixie when tasks are completed
  9. communicate as the Pixie to guide your child's behavior and attitude
  10. watch your child grow emotionally strong and capable


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